Monday, January 7, 2008

I think it might be snowing again!

I just peeked out the livingroom window and it looks like snow. This concerns me, as the kids are supposed to go back to school tomorrow. School tends to get canceled at two flakes. I am so trying to find my zen place right now.

Today was Boo's birthday. 14!!!! We went out to dinner, but that was about it. He plans on going paintballing this coming weekend. I think the fact that school is starting tomorrow is taking the fun out it.

I spent today scrapbooking and sewing. I am fiddling with quilting. I have tons of scraps and the same number of ideas. I will see where this path takes me. I did make a darling cuff. And nearly finished it. And then I pulled a totally stupid thing. I put the snaps on wrong. Now it won't close. Easily fixable, and on the list of things to do tomorrow.

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