Saturday, January 5, 2008

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

It is snowing! The girls are out playing in the dark in to snow right now. It isn't really sticking, so they are really having a slush ball fight. But this may be the only time this winter that they get to play in snow. At least it is snowing before they head back to school. The two years we have been here school has been closed at the first hint of snow.

I made cards again today. That and watched playoff football (Go Seahawks!!!). I made several and started with the massive project of making the cards for the girls classes. That means about 60 cards. I try to keep the design as simple and easy to repeat as possible. But I like them to be fun and tactile as well. This year I am making felt a key feature (duh!). So far the result is really cute.

I posted the tote again. Still no bites. But I am still feeling very good about the process. I think that it will just take a purchase or two and I will be on my way.

I think that is all today.

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