Wednesday, January 2, 2008

So when my head explodes....

Only two of us in this house are not sick. I am not one of them. One of the well ones is very bouncy. It has been a long day.

On the plus side, we did go to the library. I know I have said it before, Wednesday is library day. I try to stick to it no matter what, because it is a break every week. I love the public library here. The childrens section is huge and very welcoming. Because it is in a seperate part of the library (away from where the stodgy grownups are) the kids can be kids. The staff is starting to know that we come in every Wednesday and they aer super friendly. Anyway, we went today and I just sat on the floor with the girls playing with a big puzzle. I was pretty out of it.

I even worried if I would be able to work on my project today. Fortunalty, the project kind of worked on itself. (Sorry for the vagueness here, but like I said yesterday, I want to be sure this works the way I want).

So the point to the above is... on the way home from a mentally foggy trip to the library the following pictures are of what I saw on the road. The first is of a jacket or shirt of some sort that was just draped over a utility post thing. The second is a work glove lying in the middle of the road. Why does this seem important? Because 1) they were a block away from each other and 2) I find discarded articles of clothing odd. I assume the shirt was left by a new years reveler probably around 2 am on the first of January. The glove threw me for a loop. I don't tend to set things aside and forget them, and I don't tend to drop things. So this is a "thing" that catches my attention.


p.s. I ordered my own copy of 52 projects. I can't wait until I get it

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